How to frame your design challenge

To have a well defined challenge is at least as important as the creative design process itself. At Adore You we often work with “How might we” questions. It’s a great format where you force the brain to think that a solution is possible and leaving space for a broad variety of ideas where value is created.

You’ve done your homework, you’ve identified themes of challenges and got insight statements where opportunities might be hidden. If not, we suggest you go back and do your homework, you don´t want to waste your time on solving non-existing problems.

Step by step

  1. Transform your insight statements into questions, add “How Might We” at the beginning.
  2. Make sure your questions aren’t to narrow, you shouldn’t be able to see the solution in front of you. E.g. HMW make more money by implementing this feature?
  3. Neither too broad, e.g. HMW we make more money the next quarter? The sweet spot is narrow enough to get boundaries but broad enough to embrace innovative ideas. Try to go back and forth to find your sweet spot.
  4. Start brainstorming or sketchstorming (draw your ideas to make them more tangible).
  5. Go for quantity, the greater the number of ideas, the greater the
    potential of winners. Assessment and prioritization is a stand alone part.

An idea trigger tool for creative sessions

WHTFS is the digital version of idea triggers we use at ADORE YOU – as a part of the creative process when developing new products and services with our clients. This is a collection of curated triggers we've come up with ourselves, found on the www and submitted by friends.

The human brain is logic and love patterns, for good reasons. However, this can make it hard to think of new radical solutions to problems, or see problems from a different angle.

Idea triggers is a great tool for stepping out of your routine thinking and to speed up a creative session where you need some provocative thinking.

Be a smart creative, use idea triggers.

...but first...

To have a well defined challenge is at least as important as the creative process itself.

As Einstein said: "If I had 1 hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions."

Read more about framing challenges with How Might We questions.

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